A missed free throw. LeBron James' three. Followed by Ray Allen's three. Tied! Overtime. Two Chris Bosh blocks for the win! What a steal!

[UPDATE below]

I don't know how to explain this. The Spurs had this game. A stellar performance from Tim Duncan. It was there! There at the palm of their hands! Looked at the other way and a moment after, the palm was empty.

That game-tying three by Allen -- Allen bringing his talents to South Beach, that was all worth it. Without Allen, no more tomorrow.

I was cheering for both teams. I was pumping my fist for any shot on either side. I was disgusted on every turnover or missed shot. As an NBA fan, what else can I hope for? A Game 7, the mecca of basketball!

Erase everything. One game, baby! One game!

UPDATE: Everyone, I'm sure many of you like me have very poor remaining players for Game 7. Just pick the best that you can. There is nothing else we can do. For DTTF, my pick is Mike Miller. For 1-N-Done, it's Ray Allen. Good luck, and may your last pick surprise you.