Conference Finals

My cards...

As you know, I am saving my aces for the Finals' 4x multiplier. For now, I'm juggling with my role players.

I like picking players when they are playing at home. I can only name a handful of players who revel balling on the road, but none in this pool.

In the West, I like Barnes in OKC games when Bogut is not playing (see January 2015 games). As for Roberson in Game 2, maybe I'll play Iguodala instead if Bogut remains sidelined. Kanter gets the nod at home in Game 3 (hopefully with Bogut still out). And of course Westbrook gets the elimination game, whichever game that may be.

In the East, I like Thompson in Game 1s, and J.R. Smith in Game 2s (look at the first two rounds). I like Frye in non-close-out games, so maybe I'll move him to Game 3 if the Cavs sweep again.

As lower seeds win games, we'll reach further into the bench. But no matter what happens, the 2 Big Threes stays reserved for the Finals ;)

Well, that's the plan!