Best Of Three

The Cavs and the Warriors swept their respective series.

The Celtics, Wizards, Rockets and the Spurs are going to Game 5 tied at 2-2. The Wizards are playing great, and the Rockets figured out the Spurs. In previous seasons, I would have said that if the Wizards and the Rockets win Game 5, then I'm picking a Celtic and a Spur in Game 6. Or along the lines of I want to make sure I don't lose the chance of picking the star players.

Not this season. I am sticking to my guns. If that means I will crash and burn in the Conference Finals and The Finals, then so be it. Boom or bust.

Game 5: Capela and Gortat
Game 6: Gordon and Porter
Game 7: Beverley and Morris

UPDATE: Staying the course, although Beverley seems good for Game 6 :)
UPDATE2: Switched Game 6 to Beverley because Mills is his opposing starter PG, and Gordon as third guard on floor seems less effective.

Injury Duty

Injuries change the makeup of a team, and the series. And our picks.

The Raptors lost Game 3 and are facing elimination Sunday. I said I am going to pick Ibaka but he seems focused on stopping James and that does not translate to fantasy points. On the other hand, Valanciunas seems to be playing better this series and especially without the injured Lowry. Valanciunas for Sunday.

Monday, I originally had Johnson, but I have to accept that this is never his series. Without the injured Hill, Mack seems to be the better choice, and he gets my pick.

Of course, stay tuned for injury updates here in the comments and the NBA news on the right panel of this blog. If Lowry and Hill play, we surely are changing our picks, even if it's the last minute before tipoff.

Good luck!