Game Sixes

April 27 and 28 give us five game 6s, and for us, picks should be easy, right? Best available player remaining.

Thursday: M Conley MEM
Friday: C Paul LAC

Easy peasy!

Now, you can get fancy and not do that. If you want, you can pick based on which underdog you think can win Game 6 and force a Game 7. If I think Memphis can win Game 6, then I'll pick Buck's Khris Middleton Thursday, and then delay pick on Mike Conley for Game 7.

Except I think Grizzlies and Clippers are going down Game 6. Spurs are still ralatively old so they'll try to finish this off now and rest Tony Parker before Round 2. And Clippers are not a playoff team without Blake Griffin.

Good luck!

Eliminations and Tribulations

The Blazers are facing elimination against the superior Warriors, and it's a must-play to pick Lillard if you still have him. If you already have, then McCollum is still the safe play. Of course there's still inconsistency but we can live with a high 20s PRA from him.

Millsap and Schröder are good picks too for the 1-2 Hawks. They are better fantasy scorers than McCollum. I already picked those two and I do not see Dwight Howard giving me a double-double soon.

The Bucks and the Raptors' series is a little tough to crack now. Tied at two apiece, a Game 5 win is all it needs to force us fantasy players to start draining into the losing team's stars. If Raptors win (I hope), I only have Middleton left to pick. I am in no hurry to make that pick. If Bucks win, then it is a mad rush to pick DeRozan in Game 6, and potentially lose Lowry (because you are most likely to pick a Buck in Game 7 if needed).

Tuesday features an elimination game wherein the Rockets are looking to finish off the Thunder at home. Westbrook and the Thunder still have the fight, but they cannot win three straight games against the better team Rockets (even with a hobbled Harden). It's a must-play if you still have Westbrook available, and Andre Roberson for 25 PRA is a decent pick.

As for the other 2-2 matchups, anything can happen. The Spurs suddenly seem un-Spurs-like, and the Clippers are missing Griffin. However, if you are pretty confident in which team will not advance to Round 2, then you should start picking their stars now, because the logjam in games brought about the upsets will make it difficult to squeeze them in later. I myself can't fathom juggling Kahwi Lenard, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan for Game 6 and 7. If you feel Clippers can't advance without Griffin, then start picking Paul and Jordan now.

Are you taking the risk?

UPDATE: Jimmy Butler for Wednesday. Rondo practicing jumpers with a broken thumb and hurt wrist... there's something wrong in that. Celtics are back!