2017 Playoff Hoops Contest

Weeeeee're back! The wait is over!

I would like to share with the community FantasyPostseason.com's 2017 Playoff Hoops Contest...


Hurry up and sign up now as we only have a few hours before the first game begins :)

Kudos to FantasyPostseason.com as they have stepped up big time this year to fill the gap left by the defunct NBA.com's Drive To The Finals. Love the user interface! Love the search feature! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Hey, for those new to this blog, feel free to browse the blog archive which you can find on the right panel. Where to start? The first picks for each playoffs are the best source for the clueless. Remember to choose wisely... you can only select a player once in the whole playoffs ;)

Let's jump right on it...

April 17 features only two games: IND@CLE and MEM@SA. I know which teams I think are expected to lose their respective series, but just to be sure I should not touch any of these teams in April 15. Just imagine picking a Grizzly for April 15 and then Pacers win Game 1... you will be forced to pick another Grizzly for April 17! Not only is that suboptimal, it's also a hassle if the Grizzly series extends. (See, I learn that strategy from our readers!)

So for April 15, I am left with MIL@TOR and UTA@LAC. The Clippers are tough to beat when healthy, and I don't think the Jazz has what it takes to get deep these playoffs. But that is still a 4-5-seed matchup, and the Jazz are at least capable of winning one of the first three games. And so, I am picking from the Bucks...

Giannis Anteto...umm...ko...u... The Greek Freak! This year I'm taking the best player available approach. I will still beat around the bush as we go (I always do), but I should not go wrong with this pick. The Raptors are strong this season, and I expect them to play their own game early on. It will take them a desperate game later on to even think of changing their game plan to account for Giannis and the "position-less" Bucks.

Good luck with your first pick, and welcome back ;)