Game 4 Pick: Uncle Drew

And now we have a series!

Dead-half of Drive & Slam picked LeBron James in Game 3 and he delivered as expected. A 52-PRABS performance is the best so far these Finals, so congratulations to those who went with the obvious pick for Game 3.

My pick Kyrie Irving was also good for 43 PRABS. If it wasn't for the blowout, he and LeBron would have gotten more.

Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith were the steal picks of the game. With 29 and 28 PRABS respectively, I don't think they can do better for the rest of the series. And as a reaction from the community, these two have bumped up in ownership for Game 4...

I still see 9% picking Kevin Love, who is still questionable. Better delay that pick, guys and gals!

The Australian Assassin Kyrie Irving is the hot pick for Game 4 as this might (just slightly) be the last home game for the Cavs. Better not waste the opportunity for some home ballin'!

My pick is Richard Jefferson. He played 33 minutes in Game 3 as he replaced Love in the starting lineup. I will be happy if he gets 20 PRA. And if for some reason Love returns from head concussion for Game 4, I'll still be sticking with him as he is my best remaining Cav.

I love what I saw from the Cavs in Game 3. Less iso-ball. More picks. More ball movement. More energy. Lockdown D. Let's see them win Game 4 please.

Good luck with your picks!

Game 3 Pick: LeBron Time

I did not bother recapping Game 2 -- it was that awful. Let's go straight to our Game 3 pick. Here is the updated ownership breakdown...

Most will go for LeBron James in Game 3. Down 0-2 and probably missing Kevin Love, LeBron will assert himself and carry this team to victory. It's a must-win for the Cavs, and LeBron will make sure they get this one. He knows that a loss, a 0-3 hole, is unacceptable. Picking LeBron makes a lot of sense in Game 3.

Everyone will be saving the last of their Big 3 for the elimination game. And because I am following the path of the cold pick, I am picking my last of the Big 3 right away for Game 3 ;)

There's nothing wrong with the Cavs focusing on defending the Warriors (defense wins championships anyway), but they've been drawn to playing the Warriors' game instead of theirs. Their scheme for Games 1 and 2 did not work (what I saw were iso-balls again in Game 2). Only a fool keeps doing the same thing expecting different results. I say let's see the Cavs get back to their old self and win this game. Move the ball!

Good luck to the Cavs!

Game 2 Pick: Still Cold

As he was the hottest pick in Game 1, Kyrie Irving remains to be for Game 2. He's quite good in isolation, and if the Cavs change back to their ball-moving and long-range shooting, he'll be good there as well. So it's a win-win situation for his pickers, couple that with the risk of him being injured later.

My pick plan had him for Game 2, but because I still want to avoid the hot pick, I am switching to Kevin Love. Hoping he gets another double-double!

Then maybe I'll move Kyrie to an elimination game, just to break every typical strategy in DTTF.

What's your move?