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And so the Heat has extended our agony by forcing a Game 7. Can the Heat continue to use small ball? Will the Raptors adjust, or to continue to play their game? I got the Raptors winning Game 7 at home, but to tell you honestly, I am not at all confident in that. Let me roll the dice...

My guts tell me Joe Johnson is the better pick. He looks like he is out of his funk and he (along with Luol Deng) are unrestricted free agents this summer with something to prove. But... few things beat number of touches, so my bet is on Goran Dragic.

Anyone picking a Raptor? ;)

Now that we have leaderboards, I now see that our friend Alex has been silently creeping past all of us all this time :D

Gute Arbeit! Weiter so!

Looking Forward

It's the NBA Finals, and here is my pick plan:
Game 1: Stephen Curry
Game 2: Draymond Green
Game 3: Kyrie Irving
Game 4: Kevin Love
Game 5: Klay Thompson
Game 6: LeBron James
Game 7: Andre Iguodala

The top 6 are there to maximize the multiplier, and Iggy can be the Finals' X-Factor again.

Why am I thinking so far ahead? Because I am running out of picks for the Conference Finals, that's why. With OKC's Westbrook remaining and TOR/MIA's pool dwindling, I have to borrow from the expected Finalists.

So the schedule for the OKC@GS series is out and here is my pick plan:
Game 1: GS Barnes
Game 2: OKC Roberson
Game 3: OKC Kanter
Game 4: OKC Westbrook
Game 5: GS Bogut
Game 6: OKC Waiters
Game 7: GS Livingston

Not that great, but I'd sacrifice my x3 for my x4.

My East Finals might look like All Cavs if the Raptors advance. Sad.

And oh yeah, I got Dwyane Wade for Game 6 because we are still in Round 2.

Good luck!

Plan Z

So the Thunder mounted a surprise win in San Antonio... yeah just like that! All the Spurs you've been saving for the Conference Finals have suddenly gone poof! Yeah the Spurs can still win Game 6, but who here wants to dare not pick a Spur in an elimination game, and in Oklahoma City? Thought so. I got MVP runner-up Kawhi Leonard up next. I'll save Aldridge for a Texas game in the Conference Finals... or altogether lose him because it's Westbrook in Game 7 if needed.

Speaking of Game 7, it's May 15. And that's also a possible Game 7 for the Heat@Raptors series. Hopefully, those two games do not happen. Otherwise, I'll be missing on a lot of Heat players because the Raptors in spite of themselves will win Game 7. If it ever gets to that point.

However, I have a gut feeling that the Heat will win Game 5 and 6. Call me crazy.

Good luck to me!


So the Thunder made it even, and I am not surprised nor alarmed with my picks. It is now down to a best-of-three series, and the Spurs have Games 5 and 7 at home. I still pick them to advance, and I hope Adams will remain active on the boards..

Just take note that the Spurs' Game 7 on May 15 will share the same date as the Raptor's Game 7, so do not wait too long to pick your best players. I have Westbrook penciled in for Game 6.

Good luck!

Shout out to mfari's Google Drive league.  Tangent is leading. I look horrible in that league, but it's worth a look...

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An Undesirable Occurrence

Sunday's pick is easy. The Hawks are down 0-3 and are facing elimination, so our pick has to be a Hawk. That Hawk you've been saving, bring him forward. Mine is Jeff Teague.

Exception to this is if you still have OKC's Big Two, which in case you have to consider picking a Thunder. The Spurs having to retake homecourt advantage means they should be in control going forward. It's not out of the realm to think Spurs can win the next two games to advance.

As for Monday, it's not as easy. The Raptors (yes them, Raptors) have stolen one back in Miami and are leading 2-1, hence the undesirable occurrence. Now, those media 'expert' predictions of the Heat taking this series don't look promising at all. Even if the Raptors lost Valanciunas, the loss of Whiteside from the Heat I think is more impactful.

Do we start picking Wade or Deng? If the Raptors steal Game 4, then we are looking at lost opportunities picking more Heat players. Or can the Heat win two straight games and get up 3-2? Unlikely, but this series has gone wacky enough that anything is possible. It might be good to take a wait-and-see approach with this series.

Good thing there is still the not-so-lowly-anymore Blazers. They convincingly won Game 3 but we still don't expect them to take this series from the Warriors even if they tie 2-2. My best remaining Blazer is Crabbe. Not great, but good enough move for me especially for PRABS-M.

Good luck!