These Raptors

I picked the Pacers to win after they won Game 1 against the Raptors. That didn't go well.

I am picking the Heat to win after they won Game 1 against the Raptors. That should fare better.

I am not a Raptors fan (although I like Canada and what it represents to the world with diversity). To me and maybe the general outsider, the Raptors are riddled with uncertainty, forever stained by the loss of Vinsanity, and stars that are not quite stars. Yes, shallow. That's why only fans have the right to diss their own team.

But as I start reading about these Raptors, I get a sense of how the Raptors and fans feel about this year. "Everything feels so right this year". I guess that's true. There's a vibe that if there's a chance, this is it. I always admired the coach (a Dallas champ) and how he sacrificed his pride by agreeing to not win games years ago so that they can build towards today. He knows how to win. He transformed these offensive-minded players into ones who value and practice D.

But the Heat happened. Let's see.

My next pick: Lowry @ Home.

Drive & Slam update: May 04 and May 05 picks will stay open until the start of the Raptors Game 2. Everyone make sure you get your picks in (including those who posted in the comments).

Round 2 Pick Plan

In picking for the Conference Semis, just make sure to rank all your available players (from Portland, OKC, Atlanta and Miami) from best to last, and then make sure that your top ones are allocated into your picks assuming all sweeps. Of course sweeps are rare late in the playoffs, but at least your next-ranked players are ready to be dispatched if needed.

Here is my pick plan assuming all sweeps (and my record so far).

Subject to change.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Seems like many media 'experts'  predict the Heat to take that series. It's true that series is dodgy, and so I will take the side of caution and wait and actually watch Game 1 to see for myself. So for now, I am changing my pick to a lowly Blazer...