Crazy Gameday

I'm taking a small break from the site because this is just too good to pass up.

So yeah I picked Kevin Durant for Round 2 Day 1. I cannot say I am happy with the result, but it is what it is. Just glad I didn't take Westbrook, because I know he's gonna cook up some triple doubles at home.

As for May 1? Haha okay it's a little complicated. We have two Round 1 Game 7s, and 1 Semis Game 1.

If your league is playing classic DTTF PRA, you should definitely have to pick from the Game 7s because you can save some Blazers for later. The Hornets screwed it up and are now not the favored to win in Miami. If you still have Kemba Walker, you definitely have to pick him. As for the Pacers, if you think the Raptors have this, then Paul George is your guy. He will stuff the [insert expletive here] out of the stat sheet.

If your league is playing PRABS with Multipliers, then you have a dilemma.
* Pick Walker or George for 30-50 points, OR
* Pick Lillard or McCollum for 50-70 points (multiplied)

That 20-ish difference might be the difference between you and your league leader. Make a wrong pick and you'll definitely refer to this gameday again in the future. I recommend that you go for a Blazer and start reaping the rewards from the multipliers as early as possible. I got McCollum penciled in.

What about George? Well, what if the Pacers win? What about Lowry and DeRozan? I'll leave you to that thought.

Back to the site.

Game Sixes

Down @ Home

The Celtics are the ones to pick from the 28th -- that we already know, regardless of a Game 7.

However, the Pacers are another thing because they share the 29th with two other match-ups. Since they are playing at home, they have the higher chance to extend to 7 games. Paul George will explode even more after that Drake comment, but I am not picking him (kids do not do this at home!). If that series ends in 6 and I didn't pick George, then so be it. That series has been very good for us fans. Game 5 was a thrill ride and Game 6 will sure be another one, don't miss it! 

Down & Away

The Clippers and the Heat are on the brink of elimination, and unfortunately playing on the road. I won't bet that both teams can extend to 7 games. At least one will buckle, but which one?

The Heat's Game 5 loss was a heart-breaker. The Hornets will be tough to beat -- they are young but they smell blood. But I believe the Heat can steal one, at least compared to chances of...

The Clippers are a goner. If I'm Rivers, I'm now thinking, "Now that we've let it all out in Game 5 and still lost, shall I risk injury to my remaining of the Big Three?" Although unlikely, re-injuring DJ will spell a difficult free agency period for the Clippers. Note that Rivers is not just the coach of that organization. You have options: Jordan, Redick, Crawford, Green (and even Austin Rivers if he gets one of those Super Saiyan moments). I got the Sixth Man of the Year.

Good luck!


With Griffin and Paul confirmed out of the playoffs with injuries, the Blazers are now expected to win this series. Now, don't mess this up Blazers, because I'm switching my pick on the 27th from the Hornets' Lin to the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan. He has played great when Griffin was out during the season, and that should be in full display in Game 5. If you doubt that, there is 6th Man of the Year Jamal Crawford as a great alternative as he should be picking up Paul's minutes.

As for the 28th, the Hawks will be looking to close out the Celtics. From that pool, my best remaining player is Evan Turner. Avery Bradley's absence has helped his game and he should continue to shine in Game 6.

Good luck!

Best of Three

On the 26th, we have to pick from Pacers-Raptors' Game 5 because the Celtics-Hawks' Game 6 will be the lone match on the 28th. In a best-of three series, the Raptors are now the general favorites to win the series. However with each already have won on the road, it's free-for-all. That Game 1 Pacers win influenced me to pick a Raptor in Game 2 which clearly was a gamble. Now, sticking to that gamble (and being lucky) may pull me back in the race. It's a risk too early but I have to stick to my guns. I got Valuncianas next.

On the 27th, there is the dilemma of the Clippers' loss of Chris Paul and possibly Blake Griffin too. If I'm Rivers I won't risk Griffin anymore if losing Paul means never getting out of Round 2 anyway. Most of us picked the Blazers' Lillard already and now are in a situation that sticking to our guns may not be such a good idea anymore. Even for anyone like myself who is looking to get lucky, there is uncertainty. Without Paul, I don't see them winning Game 5 nor 6, but I've been wrong before. It's hard.

Luckily there is still the Hornets-Heat matchup on the 27th. Despite the 2-2 standing, I believe the Heat will still win the series especially that Deng is playing well. While most of us already picked Kemba Walker, there are still options there from the Hornets. I like what I've seen from Jeremy Lin lately so I am picking him, but others can try Al Jefferson or Marvin Williams.

Or if you want to be super safe in who you pick, you can always pick a Rocket ;)

Good luck!