Day 7 - 10: Lest We Forget

I am presenting my next four picks as I will be going on a trip for the long weekend. On Monday, Australia and New Zealand commemorate the first major military action fought by the joint forces during the First World War. We all hate wars, but we remember those who did fight so we won't have to, and a future where man learns to be a better race. Together.

Here we go...

On the 22nd and 24th, between Memphis, Boston and Detroit, I've already picked the top guys and so I am looking for those who potentially can have 20+ PRABS from that combined pool. I find the Detroit starters very strong, and the remaining players there I reckon are better generally than Memphis and Boston's 2nd best players. Thus, Drummond and KCP.

Boston's Evan Turner is another option as Avery Bradley nurses an injury -- I hope I can still pick him later but it's okay if I miss out on him.

Houston's Game 5 does not offer me anything much after Harden and Howard except maybe Ariza.

On the 23rd and 25th, I have juggled Charlotte's Walker and Portland's Lillard, switching them many times. In the end, I figure Portland has higher chance to extend and if not, Lillard will perform better in an elimination game than Walker.

I'll revisit Dirk in Game 5. Of course, not in a wishing kind of way.


Day 5 & 6: Twenty-Nine Percent Shooting

Hey, here's my picks' combined field goal stats... 19/65.  Looks sad, but really I'm laughing! I've had bad runs before but this one is uncanny! I suggest differentiating your picks from mine. We have good strategy-oriented posts in the comments section, and they're pretty good. That's where the real content of this blog is.

Ok let's do some thinking...

Day 5, seems like there's nothing interesting to pick from the Hornets. The Blazers are a one-man show, and there's no way Lillard can win against the jampacked Clippers -- and it might be wise to save him for an elimination game or at home. The Pistons are loaded: you have Drummond, Morris, Caldwell and of course Jackson. I just came from the pub (don't drink and drive, kids!) so I'll let the alcohol do the picking...

Day 6, the Thunder's and the Raptors' series are tied 1-1. Unless you are willing to gamble and are not worried about the multipliers later, then feel free to do so, like I did with picking DeRozan (see how that turned out). The Warriors are going to sweep, with or without Curry, so feel free to pick a Rocket at home. Howard seems like someone who wants to play for his next contract (somewhere) so he has two games left to perform.


Nah, that was not a lot of thinking.

Good luck!

Day 3 & 4: Headache

Okay... the first two days sucked. Both Harden and Z-Bo (as usual whenever I pick him) shot miserably. Look for my picks to suck in the first round as most of my time after work is spent on helping on the site. (Btw the points and leaderboard are almost ready we just hit a snag. Might as well not promise an ETA, but we'll try to fix  it before Round 2. Don't worry, your picks and points are intact).

DeMar DeRozan shot poorly in Game 1 (don't they all do nowadays?) but I am hoping he bounces back big-time playing at home. And oh, I am risking picking the Pacers to win the series after stealing Game 1 (which historically is a big indicator).

Those few who picked Isaiah Thomas in Game 1 should be ecstatic. He put up big numbers on the road, and I'm hedging on a repeat of that... in a losing effort. The Celtics are just so young.

Good luck!