Drive & Slam

Here it is!

I am fortunate enough to know the maker of Planet 123 and he is an NBA nut like us. So he was kind enough to setup a site for us to play DTTF, and I will help him maintain it.


  • Multipliers! -- remember 1-N-Done?
  • Points, rebounds and assists -- as usual
  • Blocks and steals -- by popular demand
  • Dynasty -- one account forever; see your stats each year

The site is still barebones at the moment but we're looking to jazz it up later.

Go on and sign up now here, and just get back here for talks :)

Fun continues!

Still A Drive To The Finals

Alright peepz!'s Drive To The Finals may not be with us this year. This fantasy game has been wholly sponsored by in the past via TNT, but I don't think they'll continue with it this year. As viewers know, TNT NBA Tip-Off is now presented by State Farm (was in previous years), and that could spell the absence of DTTF this year. If State Farm can sponsor that fantasy game or another version of it, we will definitely be thrilled.

I've seen signs. Prior to March, shut down the URL . Many external websites point to that URL and maybe AutoTrader owns the fantasy game itself and took it with them. Only the URL is giving me hope.

So... just in case we lose DTTF this year, I am imploring your help. Let's find alternatives! It may be a pick-one daily format like DTTF and 1-N-Done (Hello ESPN!), traditional roto leagues or whatever. Let's post them in the comments below and see how the others feel about playing it. We'll pick one (or two with similar format) coz I definitely will be playing a fantasy game this playoffs season. And posting about it.

Let's do it :)