Down 0-3, the Pelicans and the Bucks are facing elimination. See if you have players capable of 30 PRA and pick the best before they potentially go home.

* Anthony Davis (PRA: 43. 39, 47)
* Tyreke Evans (PRA: 2, 33, 31)

If you still have The Unibrow, there is no reason in the world why you can't pick him now. Tyreke has two straight 30-PRA games already and should be a reliable source of 30 more.

* Giannis (PRA: 21, 21, 39)
* MCW (PRA: 16, 19, 32)
* Khris Middleton (PRA: 21, 28, 28)

Game 3 at home was quite good for Giannis and MCW. It took home cooking to trigger playoff zest for these two, and they should continue to produce in Game 4. Middleton, however, has been consistent since Game 2 and for me has the higher chance for a repeat than the first two.

My pick, however, will not come from these two teams. MCW and Middleton are the ones I have not picked yet, but I can easily replace their high 20-PRAs from the other losing teams later this Round 1. I hope to get 30+ PRA from the 0-2 teams Nets and Blazers.

* Brook Lopez (PRA: 31, 27)
* Joe Johnson (PRA: 29, 31)
* LaMarcus Aldridge (PRA: 47, 39)

I already picked Lopez and I like Johnson on elimination games (especially on the road if they go 5 games).

And so my pick goes to LMA.

Cards Down

Let me lay down my cards for the next few days. Note that they can still change.

Friday: DeMar DeRozan
Saturday: LaMarcus Aldridge
Sunday: Monta Ellis
Monday: Joe Johnson
Tuesday: Dirk Nowitzki

Explanations down in the comments. What's your pick plan?

The Last Stand

The Celtics, Bucks and Pelicans are all down 0-2 and are hoping to even up their respective series. Most of us see this as just delaying inevitability. It's time to scrape what's left of the stars and line them up for picking.

* Anthony Davis (NOLA). He is the hottest pick for a third of DTTF. He's been smoking and will continue to do just that. He has shown he can dominate. Let's see if he can carry this team to a win. Pick him if you haven't yet. If I'm his GM and they go down 0-3, I'll limit his minutes in Game 4 because I need him away from injury.

* Isaiah Thomas (BOS). The only reliable pick from the Celtics. He introduced himself to the world in good fashion in Games 1 and 2. Now it's time to treat the home crowd. Game 3 is his last chance to keep their hopes up.

* Giannis (MIL). Don't wait for MCW to shine, nor hope he ignites -- he had two games to prove himself and failed. A home game against the Bulls won't change that. Giannis is the only high PRA option there. Least of all four listed here.

* Tyreke Evans (NOLA). Game 1 was a head-scratcher, but his Game 2 showed that he is back. Playing at home will drive that point further. I already picked the three mentioned above, and so Tyreke gets my pick.

Which team can even up their series? 


The Clippers clearly outplayed the Spurs in Game 1, but the one thing that makes me admire the Spurs is that they don't get fazed. They got ran over early and any other team would have succumbed, but they stayed the course. I bet one loss means nothing to them. As with other series in the same 1-0 status, it's too early for a pick. Besides, there are no consistent 30-PRA'ers there. There's Kawhi Leonard if you insist.

LaMarcus Aldridge got picked early for some; and if you still haven't, Game 2 is not a bad place for him. If you already did, you might want to move Damian Lillard to Game 3 just to diversify.

The Nets players were not in serious contention to be picked because of their low PRA season averages, but Game 1 showed that Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson can still potentially get 30. If you have already picked a Blazer, these two are good pickups for Game 2. Johnson can still be the go-to-guy especially in the 4th quarter, but Lopez seems to be a better pick due to Al Horford's dislocated finger.

I pick... Lopez. 

Not Avoiding The Hot Pick

The Raptors let Game 1 go and gave away homecourt advantage to the Wizards. Suddenly DeMar Derozan is a hot pick (19%) and I don't blame those who are picking him. For the Raptors to get back in this series, they have to steal one back at Wizard's turf. Come to think of it, that's not entirely impossible. And they still own Game 7. I still think it's too early to write off the Raptors. There is still time to pick Derozan and Kyle Lowry later if it does go awry.

As for the Rockets series, 1-0 means little. 1-1 or 2-0 does. The Rockets were themselves and the Mavs were not, but Game 2 can tell us if this is a series or not. I am seeing flashes of Playoff Rondo, so there is still hope. We can revisit this matchup in Game 3.

Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas carved Game 1 for 37 PRA. I have to say he went under my radar and maybe most of you too, except maybe those 7% who follows him. It seems that Thomas has been tearing it up after the All-Star weekend, and I wished I have known that piece of info going into Game 1. That tells us the importance of research in this game. A quick Google could have shown me that.

Avoiding the hot pick is one of the strategies in this game. This is something I employ in the later rounds, and even then I don't do it just for the sake of being different. There has to be a good reason to do so -- a good alternative.

This time I have no better alternative for Isaiah Thomas. He gets my pick.

It doesn't hurt to flow with the wave in Round 1.

Bang For The Buck

Monday's game have two matches only, and it's a squeeze.

Most drivers picked a Pelican in Day 1, and the injury to Tyreke Evans put a damp on our plans. Another Pelican will take up the slack, but it is too early in DTTF to even figure and pick that player out. Quincy Pondexter had 35 PRA in Game 1, but who among you would bet he can repeat that and even get 20 PRA? For those who haven't picked Anthony Davis yet, you may want to hold on to him as their series may pose a shortage problem for you later on.

The Bucks, unfortunately, are what's left for us. Michael Carter-Williams and Giannis Antetokounmpo (seriously I had to type that) had abysmal shooting performances in Game 1. Both will look to bounce back, and it is a toss up. My coin fell and told me to pick The Greek Freak.

What did your coin give you?

Hmm Quincy is starting to smell better.