Thirty PRA

Unlike Day 1, this day's matches are more predictable. The Cavs, Hawks, Grizzlies and Spurs are all expected to advance to the Semis. There are four losing teams to choose from and a lot of options. However, I'll list just four ballers who averages at least 30 PRA. The Celtics and Nets just do not have consistent 30-PRA guys I can get excited about picking this early.

LaMarcus Aldridge (POR) 35 PRA.
Chris Paul (LAC) 33 PRA.
Blake Griffin (LAC) 33 PRA. 
Damian Lillard (POR) 31 PRA. 

For those who are confident the Clippers are heading to an exit versus the reigning champs, then picking off the Clippers stars early is the way to go, especially that DeAndre Jordan can give you high 20s later this series. For me, there is no doubt they'll lose, but the Clippers' homecourt advantage is telling me to just start the pick-off in Game 2. It does not hurt to wait just 1 game.

That leaves me with the Blazers. First we have Aldridge. 46 points, 18 rebounds. That is from his first game last playoffs at Houston. Many in DTTF missed that chance and surely may pick him this time in Game 1. But, I don't think he'll get that same performance. I watched his recent game in Dallas and he doesn't look like the Aldridge I know who decimates Texas. Not at all. That foot sprain still lingers. I'll wait til he gets one good game before I pick him.

My pick goes to Lillard. Nothing special about the timing, and no tricks. Just me wanting to get 30 PRA early in Round 1.

Good luck!

Day One, First Pick

I was pondering being tricky in my picks, even putting James Harden in there (haha okay okay!). However, it's too early and I like to continue with my pacing strategy from last year -- consistency and reliability early on, then informed risks late. So for Round 1 and the Conference Semis, expect my picks to be unexciting. Then some risky lane changes in the Conference Finals and the Finals.

On Day 1, we have four matches. Our polls and various articles have had mixed results regarding two of them -- Wizards@Raptors and Mavericks@Rockets. These two matches can go either way and it is way too early to decide. Even those with inside information (like one of our readers) and those who are die-hard fans (me!) should not rush into this because there are other options. It is better to wait and see.

As for those teams that are expected to lose, here are the top players according to season average PRA:

  • Anthony Davis (NOH) 36 PRA. Most popular pick, and most can understand that. Best player on losing team -- that has been the most popular strategy in this game since 2010, plain and simple. He also missed 14 games due to injuries, so it is wise to pick him early just to be safe.
  • Tyreke Evans (NOH) 28 PRA. A viable pick for those who can wait to pick Davis at home. However, let me convince you otherwise. Here are Tyreke's PRAs against the Warriors: 19 (away), 47 (home), 11 (away), 27 (home). Home and away numbers strategy, anyone?
  • Michael... MCW (MIL) 23 PRA. His numbers fluctuate, but if he can surprise people with his Philadelphia numbers, he can be the steal of the day. He certainly stuffs up the sheet, and is a triple double threat if he wants to. A pick for the cunning.
  • Giannis A... Greek Freak (MIL) 22 PRA. His actual average against the Bulls this year is 17 PRA. This is not a knock on his abilities, it is just a testament to the Bulls' suffocating defense. Pick him maybe at home or at elimination as a last resort.

With limited choices and my daily Round1 target of 30 PRA, the Unibrow gets my pick.

I told you it is unexciting.

May your Day 1 pick propel you!

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Not Steph Curry

The DTTF (Drive to the Finals) My Picks section is now open. Again for newbies, here is a tutorial on how to take your picks:

First off, as always when DTTF starts, here is our foremost advise: Do not pick the best player. What you need to do is pick from the losing team. So trust us when we say, do NOT pick Steph Curry in Day 1, not even in Round 1. Remember the game rule: You can only use each player once throughout the entire playoffs. You will need Steph Curry in the latter stages of the playoffs.

Playoffs, Baby!

And now the fun begins.

A whirlwind of a final day of the regular season. New Orleans is in, OKC is out (yeah, head-shaker I know). Brooklyn is in, Indiana is out. Before we get to the matches, let us know what you think. Which teams will win Round 1?

West Round1 Winners?

East Round1 Winners?