This is it, boys and girls! Elimination game next! Put your best player forward.

How about Game 4? Same banana as Game 3. Another poor showing for the Heat players. It's like the producer of this series decided to split the the third movie into two and shot them back-to-back. Game 4 was every bit as Game 3 was. Spurs built lead in first half, Heat rallies in the third, and then out of gas in the fourth.

Slow Play Is Death

NBA defenses are so sophisticated now. You don't want to give them a chance to get fully established. When we played Miami in the Finals, we knew that if we called any plays we were doomed. We had to play faster than that. Popovich really pioneered a lot of that. There is a pendulum on a lot of these things, but I really don't see faster offense going away." - Rick Carlisle

41 Spurs points in the first quarter. Boris Diaw started over Tiago Splitter for more ball movement, and that opened up the alley for the Spurs' two shooters. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green finally clicked. Spurs really wanted to break the game open early. The Heat didn't give up (much to the relief of DTTF), adjusted and made a good third quarter rally. But in the end, the lead was just too unsurmountable for the Heat to overcome. Spurs stole one in Miami and got back their home court advantage. 2-1, baby! Okay, 2-1 means nothing yet, but Game 4 is a must-win now for the Heat.

One. E-Four. C-Five.

The Spurs' first move is the most popular move in chess, and that is to do what has always worked, and that is to have the same starting lineup in Game 1.

Now, you may be thinking that it is the Heat's turn to make the next move. But, you see, the Heat had already made their move, even before Game 1. And that is to start Rashard Lewis. At first we thought that Chris Andersen may be injured, but it turns out he's not. So that means starting Lewis was a calculated move. Maybe it was due to the success they had with that lineup with the Pacers, who like the Spurs, had two legit bigs. Or maybe they borrowed from the Spurs' book when they played Diaw a lot against the Thunder's packed paint.