Sweep. Not.

I want a sweep. But there will never be a sweep in the Finals this year.

Standing at rank 56 and only Splitter, Allen, Chalmers and Green remaining in my pool, I want a sweep. With the Big Threes from the Spurs and Heat being popular picks in the next three games, I am sure to lose ground now against the people around me. Assuming a Big Three average PRA of 30 and my picks' average of 15, that is a dropoff of 45 PRA just for the next three games. That lines up with about 98 percentile, which is what I got last year (I said I wanted 99 this year). Now, if series stretches to 7 games, that's another dropoff of 40 to 50 PRA and that lines up at about 93 percentile. That is why I want a sweep.

Finals Strategy: Bottom-line PRA

Can't get too high with a win. Can't get too low with a loss.

That is how the Heat and the Spurs should approach this series. At least that's how the Spurs seem to be wired. A team will win Game 1 and that team should not celebrate, because the series is not yet over and anything can happen. They have to think straight and treat the next game as if they haven't won. The same thing with the losing team, they should take the loss and focus on the next game. Let the media and the fans take care of all that emotional stuff.

Finals Pick Plan

Nothing exciting to see here. I avoided picking fillers in the last round by using the stars in advance. So instead of gradually rising and peaking maybe at 95 percentile in the end, I chose to peak early at 100 percentile at the start of Finals and gradually come down to 95 percentile later. In general, same outcome, just different pathways. Of course, the sooner the Finals end, the better it is for me.

Just laying out my cards...

Welcome To The 2014 NBA Finals!

So here we are again at the epitome of our Drive To The Finals fantasy game, and with us are the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs meeting for the second straight time in the Finals. Each deserves to be here. On one corner stands the reigning NBA Champions the Miami Heat, who has yet to meet a worthy opponent in these playoffs. And on the other corner is that nemesis they are waiting for, the San Antonio Spurs, who are bent to finish the task they failed to do last year. No more Mr. Nice Guy, this is serious, boys and girls. Suit up!