Back To Normal

Alrighty! The Pacers and Thunder are now back on track, stealing their respective Game 3s on the road, and now leading 2-1. Even if the Wizards and Clippers win Game 4, they will not be favoured to win a best-of-3 series later. So for me it's clear that the next pick should be from them.

Ripped City

I know some of you were ripped too. The last three days of DTTF have not been kind to us. We've been spoiled with 30+ PRAs in the previous round and here we are getting peanuts of 15, 20, 25 PRA. Low-scoring games, slowed-down pace, defense-oriented basketball and blown-up games have all contributed to our perceived falldown.

One One [Updated]

Although unlikely, I was wishing for at least either the Pacers or Thunder to fall down 0-2, and that would have been easier for us to make the pick for Friday. Alas that was not the case. With both matches tied 1-1, it's a gamble now for everyone in Drive To The Finals. With the Wizards and Clippers still owning home court advantage, some will still pick them to win with a chance to go up 3-1 if they win both home games 3 and 4. But, it is not difficult to imagine the Pacers and the Thunder to steal one game on the road, and gaining their home court advantage back.

Blowout Games

As if the playoffs are not yet weird enough for Drive To The Finals, now we have two blowout games in Day Two of the Conference Semis. Nobody likes blowout games -- the players in the losing team we picked have low PRAs, and the players get benched early. The Spurs schooled the newcomers Blazers on how it should be done in the playoffs, and LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard were shooting poorly early on -- much to the dismay of those who picked them and hoping for a better showing. The Heat put some stomping on the Nets, and the Nets continue to force us into a guessing game with their PRAs.

Hello Round 2

You know that Round 2 is no different than Round 1 when in the first day both road teams win. Sorry folks! Definitely no cruising for Drive To The Finals this year. This is the year when winning your league is much more meaningful... because the 2014 Playoffs is so darn hard!

Goodbye Round 1

To all whose teams got out of the first round, big congratulations to you. Especially if your team just came from a Game 7. Like the teams that don't have time to breathe, we also have none as we dive straight to the next round. I, for one, am glad that we can move forward. Now, let's see who we have used already...