Game Seven Craze

Two more Game 7s! Why not? Isn't this the best weekend of basketball? Add in the Nets@Raptors and Mavs@Spurs. I love this game!

Among all four teams, my best available player is DeMar DeRozan. And he gets my pick.

Extend or End

Three Game 7s on Saturday! It's the Hawks@Pacers, Grizzlies@Thunder and Warriors@Clippers. For a change, the pick this date is easier than the last few days. Decide which teams lose, then pick your best remaining player from that lot.

Six Game Sixes

I had to review my Thursday's pick. I tried game theory by expanding on my case scenarios given my available players and probabilities of each team winning Game 6 and 7. To make the matrix simple, I eliminated the Warriors and the Clippers, because (1) I strongly believe the Clippers of all twelve teams will advance at this point, and (2) I already picked Stephen Curry. Here is how it looks...

Three-Sided Coin Anyone?

Hear ye! Hear ye! We have here an invention from the City of Melbourne! Coins that have, wait for it... THREE SIDES! Get your three-sided coin.. Yes! You heard that right!  THREE-SIDED COIN! It will get you out of situations where old boring traditional coins can't help! Torn between three lovers? Flip a THREE-SIDED COIN! Torn between three picks??? THREE-SIDED COIN! Get them while they're hot... What?... There is already a three-sided DICE in America?... Frakkin' A!

The Tuesday Thursday Dilemma

Here are Tuesday's games:
  • Wizards(3) @ Bulls(1) Game 5
  • Grizzlies(2) @ Thunder(2) Game 5
  • Warriors(2) @ Clippers(2) Game 5
While that at first glance looks like a surefire Bulls pick for us, it is not as easy as it looks.

Elimination Games

The Bulls and the Rockets lost their respective Game 4s and are now 1-3 facing elimination at home. For those who believe strongly that a team here is going to win Game 5 then spend your pick elsewhere. Otherwise, pick them. And luckily, Bulls play on Tuesday, and Rockets on Wednesday.

Round One: More Like Eight Rounds Of Boxing

We are now in the midst of Round 1, and soon the schedule will change with each date featuring 1 or 2 matches instead of the usual 3 or 4. It is important to look ahead and make sure that on average case scenarios, you still have someone to pick on a future date. Also, make sure you will not be forced to pick between two or more good players and possibly lose the chance to pick one of them.


I think I was over-analyzing Saturday's pick. I was weighing so many factors (don't let me start where), but I decided -- when faced with a predicament, I can only do two things:

1. Take the low risk with high reward.
2. If the result is undesirable, minimize damage.

In short, take your pick already, and if it fails, suck it up Princess!