Finals Strategy: Coldest Pick

In the ESPN 1-N-Done forums, I came upon a strategy that I have not weighed heavily before. It gives someone a chance to overtake people ahead of him/her. Now remember I said "chance", not "guarantee". Here's how it works...

Spurs: 1 - 0

What a great Game 1 that was! Well, at least for the general NBA fan and San Antonio. The Spurs played a great game worthy of the word "fundamental", with Tim Duncan anchoring the defense, and Tony Parker getting lucky in the fourth quarter. If you are a Heat fan, I am sure you are asking a lot of questions including, "What the [insert expletive here] just happened?"

Perfect Pick: Pre-Finals Edition

In the tradition of the DTTF forums (which by the way is nowhere to be found), here is an initial version of the Perfect Pick. See if it is possible for you to even think about picking a specific player on a given date.

Fantasy Landscape

Do you wonder how many people already picked LeBron James? The Big Three? The "Other" Big Three? The fillers? If you are looking to overtake people or go up in the ranks of your league, you can use this as a guide. Here they are...

Finals: Spurs Versus Heat

Welcome to the 2013 NBA Finals! This is the culmination of all the things you did in the previous rounds. Whether you picked the right or wrong teams to win, or used players too early or saved them for the Finals, this is when you taste the fruits of your strategies, or suffer the consequences of your mistakes.

LeBron: Do or Die

Ah this is what I was afraid of. Game 7. No more Pacers left. Should we pick LeBron James? Or risk losing his PRA. LeBron is the hottest pick in Game 7. Let me try something...