With The End in Mind

So who do you think will win? The Grizzlies win on paper. The Spurs win on experience. I am banking on experience. I pick the Spurs over the Grizzlies in 7 games, but that can easily go the other way. I hope the Spurs advance, but I will not be surprised if the Grizzlies do.

Live For Another Day

Nope, I will not be coerced into putting my hopes up for the Knicks despite their Game 5 win. The Pacers have convincingly defeated them in all games in Indianapolis this season and the second round. Last time they won there was during the 20th century. I do not see that changing anytime soon.

Spike Lee, There's Your Bernard King

Scoring Champ, and no ring.

You can read my previous post on Kevin Durant and replace his name with Carmelo Anthony, and that will pretty much give you the essence of why I am picking Melo. I will not even elaborate on it. Don't risk it! Pick him!

Greatness May Have To Wait

Kevin Durant.

Okay, for a while there I wanted to post the shortest blog entry I have yet... Kevin Durant, Period! But I digress, he deserves more than that.

The Thunder are now down 1-3 and for most of us who adore KD, this is the pick we are dreading to take. But there are no escaping nor denying now. We have to pick KD for Wednesday. I will not even touch on the other match that day. You have to pick KD now!

The Pick Who Got Away

It seems that Stephen Curry's ankle injury and Tony Parker's calf injury are affecting them. Curry has flung two-thirds of his shot from the trey, seemingly unable to use his otherwise quick step to penetrate the paint. Parker still penetrates but his 6-of-17 outing may be indicative that he has lost some lift. Clearly both are favouring their respective injuries.

Thunder Grizzled

The defeat of Thunder at the hands of Grizzlies signals that Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin and Reggie Jackson are now ripe for the picking. My pick plan dictates that if Grizzlies lead 2-1, I will pick a Thunder.