Pick a Spur

At least two games are left, and so lay down your top two players remaining and pick the Spur. This is the game they are bound to play their best. Not game 6 on the road. And definitely not a Game 7 that they will lose.

In 1-N-Done, my top two players are Dwyane Wade and Danny Green. I know Wade had just came off a big game and is getting the only two-day rest left that his knees need, but I am sticking to the Spur pick. Any other reason to pick Green is just icing to a cake. I am picking a Spur and it is Green, it's that simple.

If your top two players are both Spurs, just pick the better one in this order: Duncan, Parker, Kawhi, Green, Ginobili, Neal, Splitter. For those who are thinking about reserving Tony Parker for a later game, don't do it. I have said it before to pick Parker while defense is not focused on him yet. But that is over, he is being clamped on by the Heat. Plus, that sprained hamstring will never get better in Game  6 or 7 than it is now.

In DTTF, my top two players left are Danny Green and Gary Neal. The best one, Green, gets my pick. I am leaving free-agent-to-be Neal for the potential last game in Game 6.

If your top two players are both Heat, then pick the second best and reserve the best for Game 6. That is when the Heat will be at their best: either an elimination game or a close-out.

Cross your fingers. Whatever it is that you're wishing.