Now Or Never

A Manu Ginobili sighting! After Spo adjusted and started Mike Miller in Game 4 for the win, Pop started Ginobili in Game 5 with great results. A double-double outing of 24 points and 10 assists. He certainly responded well, and in good timing! At 7% owned, he was the steal of the game. He is the hot pick among Spurs in Tuesday's Game 6.

Danny Green continued his lights-out shooting with 24 points and shattered the Finals record for most three points made (and with at least one more game to play). He looks very confident out there; let's see if the raucous crowd in Miami cools him off.

Those two took the spotlight, but Tony Parker and Tim Duncan had 30+ PRAs as well. Parker seemed like someone without an injury, and Duncan operated under the radar. Expect both to have the same effort in Game 6, if not greater.

Leonard Kawhi is the model of consistency, gaining 25 PRA. If you pick him in Game 6, you'll know what you'll get.

Gary Neal however had 4 PRA. 2 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, all in 21 minutes. I am sure that stat line disappointed the many who picked him. But dig this -- when he was on the floor in Game 5, the Spurs outscored the Heat by 17 points! That's the second highest +/-, next to Ginobili. I guess those hockey assists served the Spurs well. In DTTF, he is my best player remaining, and I am confident he'll have his minutes. He gets my pick in Game 6.

LeBron James was his usual amazing self. The Spurs are a demon of his past he has to purge and he will be looking to rectify that in Game 6. And 7! I am sure he is wishing that. (Note: I can't imagine the Spurs as demons; they're lovable!)

Ray Allen actually had the greatest game of this postseason with 21 points and a perfect 4 for 4 from the trey. Game 5 was the perfect timing for his pick (much like Ginobili). He better be the same next game. He is the hottest pick for Game 6.

Chris Bosh got an average 23 PRA. I guess Texas got too old already. It's good that most of you picked him already in Games 3 and 4. I am not sure if Game 6 will be a brighter game for him.

Dwyane Wade had 39 PRA and performed well in Game 5 like he did in Game 4. Here's hoping The Flash have the same level of urgency in Game 6 because he is my best remaining player in 1-N-Done. He gets my pick there.

As for the rest of the Heat, they have to appear sometime soon, right? The Big Three can't do this alone, not with the Spurs' supporting cast doing so well.

The Heat can still win this. Winning two in Miami is not so farfetched. They just need to win Game 6. And they are favored to win Game 6.

And certainly favored for Game 7!

That is why the Spurs have to treat Game 6 like it's now or never! They cannot win Game 7. They must win Game 6!

This may be it boys and girls! Put your best remaining player forward. Don't wait for Game 7.