And That Was Game Two

Spoiler Alert!!! If you do not want to know that the Spurs were blown-out, that Joe Crawford was invisible, and that your pick for Game 2 was subpar, don't read further!!!


So the Heat bounced back and put on the trashing. Or was it the Spurs shooting themselves in the foot? The world did not need referee Joe Crawford to mess up the game. The Spurs did it for themselves. Heat 103-84 -- it does not get better than that. And for a Finals game?

Mario Chalmers is the pick of the day. 19 points and 25 PRA. Congratulations to anyone who picked him. At 2.2% ownership, that's a testament of getting lucky with a cold pick. I do not believe Chalmers can get any better than that.

Chris Bosh gets the consolation prize. He did what was expected of him after his Game 1 fail. In Game 2, he didn't fling a trey, he worked in the inside, and grabbed 10 rebounds. Those 4 offensive rebounds was more impressive. Now that he has realized how to play this series, expect him to be better the next few games, as Texas welcomes him.

Kawhi Leonard continues to rise. 21 PRA in Game 1, and 25 in Game 2. He and Danny Green's perfect 6 for 6 are the only bright spots in Game 2.

As for the other members of the Big Six, it is kind of... weird. All of them were below average, even LeBron James' PRA. Blowout games do that -- they sit the best of them. There was no reason to risk injury for these players in garbage minutes.

So the Spurs Game 1 win gave the Spurs confidence. That Game 2 blowout took that away. The next three Texas games do not seem homey anymore. If you say this is another back and forth series like the Pacers series was, expect the Spurs to bounce back in Game 3.

Overall it's good news. Tied 1-1. More basketball for us.